Finished vs Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Finished vs Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

With a lot of flooring  choices available, it can be difficult to choose what type of flooring will best fit your home. At Truckee Meadows Hardwood Flooring Company, we understand flooring. Our hardwood flooring experts can help you help you choose the right type for your home. So what flooring do you choose when looking at finished and unfinished flooring?

To help you make a well-informed choice about which unique type of hardwood flooring is right for your home, here’s a closer look at what you need to know about prefinished and unfinished hardwood flooring.


Unfinished hardwood is flooring that is raw hardwood. You must install, sand, and refinish the flooring on site. There are some notable pros and cons associated with this type of flooring to consider as you explore your flooring options.

The Pros of Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

There are many different wood species and natural color variations available with unfinished hardwood flooring. Because wood floor installation requires on-site finishing, you can customize your floors to your home and add any personalized touches to your inlays, borders, and other flooring features. These customization options can be especially appealing if you have a specific look in mind for your home.

The Cons of Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

The most significant con associated with unfinished hardwood flooring is the time it takes to complete the installation process. This flooring takes more time to install because it needs to be sanded and finished manually and there is added time to give the finish time to cure fully.

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Prefinished hardwood floors are factory-finished.  Each board is coated with polyurethane before it hits the shelf. There are also notable pros and cons associated with this particular type of flooring.

The Pros of Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

The biggest pro associated with prefinished hardwood flooring is the ability to complete installation fairly quickly. And, once the floor installed, you won’t have to worry about being overly-cautious to avoid scratching your new floor during the curing process. Instead, it’ll be ready to use and enjoy immediately. Prefinished flooring is also more convenient option for renovation or improvement projects, is exceptionally durable and is more uniform and consistent with the coloring and staining in the boards.

The Cons of Prefinished Flooring

The main downside with prefinished hardwood flooring is the limitation of widths, lengths, colors, grain, and other preferences. The durability of the finish on prefinished flooring can make it difficult to remove these surface layers should you want to refinish or re-sand your floor in the future.

So, Prefinished or Unfinished Hardwood Flooring?

When it comes to the prefinished vs. unfinished debate, there’s no clear winner. Both options can have some pros and cons worth considering when you make your decision. Some people love the natural imperfections in unfinished flooring and the ability to conveniently refinish it. However, others appreciate the convenience of choosing perfectly prepared, flawless, ready-to-install flooring.

Whatever your preference, there’s no denying the fact that a top-quality hardwood floor will add beauty and value to any room. Let us help you choose the best hardwood flooring for your home.

Our Team of Flooring Experts Is Ready To Help

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