Hardwood Flooring Choices: High Gloss, Semi-Gloss And Matte Finish


Hardwood Flooring Choices: High Gloss, Semi-Gloss And Matte Finish

With a lot of flooring options available, it can be difficult to decide what type of flooring will best fit your home.  We know homeowners face several choices when installing hardwood floors. On top of  selecting the type of wood and color, those looking at new flooring also need to think about whether to install matte, satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss hardwood floors, all of which affect the appearance, longevity, maintenance and safety of your wood floor. Below are some of the pros and cons of each.

At Truckee Meadows Hardwood Flooring Company, we understand flooring. Our hardwood flooring experts can help you help you choose the right type for your home.

Hardwood Flooring Sheen

Depending on where the wood flooring will be located and what type of finished look you’re going for, choosing between lower and higher gloss hardwood floors is fairly straightforward. Start by thinking of the use of your space. For a dramatic appearance, high gloss fits the bill. For busier areas and those who prefer a lower maintenance product, matte finish is the way to go. Hardwood flooring sheen indicates the amount of reflection produced by a finish. High gloss delivers higher levels of reflection, and thus more sheen, whereas matte creates almost no reflection, and is considered to have the lowest level of sheen. Semi-gloss, or medium gloss, comes in near the middle, while satin finish is gaining in popularity falling between matte and semi-gloss for sheen.

High Gloss Floors

The more sheen in your hardwood floor finish, the greater level of detail displayed. For dining rooms, sunrooms, libraries, studies and bedrooms a high gloss wood floor finish defines the wood grain and gives darker stains more drama. It offers an elegant finish that appeals to a certain decor. Remember that a high gloss finish also wears easily, so choosing it for a high traffic area like the hallway or main living space could be problematic. This type of finish also highlights dust and debris on the floor, potentially increasing maintenance demands. Footprints can show up easily on high gloss floors, depending on the stain color chosen.

Lower Gloss Hardwood Floors

As we mentioned, glossy may not be the best option for high traffic areas. Wear marks show up rather quickly and scratches or imperfections in the finish tend to stand out. If you’re looking for the drama and appearance of the highest sheen level but want to invest in hardwood that will hide imperfections and last longer; a semi-gloss hardwood floor may work best for you. Our hardwood floor brands offer lines with a semi-gloss finish, available in a broad range of wood species including dramatic exotic types and traditional domestics. Be sure to ask your hardwood floor professional for samples of the flooring you prefer in a semi-gloss sheen. The amount of gloss should be indicated on the product information, often in a percentage, but actual appearances vary.

Satin Finish Hardwood Floors

If the semi-gloss is still too reflective for your tastes, consider a satin finish. This sheen level is lower gloss but still has a slight sheen for that upscale look.

Reno Hardwood Flooring Services

Truckee Meadows Hardwood Flooring and our team has developed a vast knowledge of the different types of wood that are available and know which species and types do best in the Reno area. We can assist you in the selection process by showing you a variety of different options so you can find the one you love.

Please reach out if you have any questions about our company or flooring installation services. For the best in hardwood floor, visit our showroom on Cheney St. or contact us today for a quote. We look forward to working with you!

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