Hardwood Floor Repair Services and Patchwork

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Hardwood Floor Repair Services and Patchwork

Hardwood floor repair services and patchwork is generally needed when a floor’s boards become cupped, crowned, cracked, broken, warped, burnt or damaged–all of which typically can’t be fixed through standard refinishing. Repair services can also needed when a plank is missing, after a wall has been removed, or if a heater hole needs to be covered up. In some cases, damaged wood boards may not become apparent until the client removes their carpeting or attempts to sand or refinish their floors.

Regardless of the cause or extent of the damage, you will need a highly skilled hardwood floor expert to repair it. They’ll go out to your home or business to perform a comprehensive assessment of your floor and determine the extent of your damage; how many boards will need to be replaced; what kind of wood will be needed; and how much the job will cost. A trained flooring professional will also check for moisture problems,  incorrectly sized floors or other problems that may be causing premature or excessive wear to your floor.

To perform your floor repair, the hardwood floor professional will use new, unfinished wood that is carefully selected to match your existing floor. If you have an older floor, an older wood that more closely matches the size, grain and character of the surrounding wood will be used. The damaged planks will be removed and then the new boards will be custom cut  to replace them. Once these new boards are in place, it is time to refinish the entire floor or just the new wood planks and surrounding old floor before applying the right stain for beautifully blended results.

At Truckee Meadows Hardwood Flooring you’ll always receive quality work from experienced hardwood floor professionals. We are happy to provide our hardwood floor repair services and patchwork with or without refinishing services, no matter the size of project. Whether you have two boards to replace or a hundred, we’ll provide unbeatable service and exceptional craftsmanship.


Our Team of Flooring Experts Is Ready To Help

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about hardwood flooring on stairs or any of our installation services. For the best in hardwood floor, visit our showroom on Cheney St. or contact us today for a quote. We look forward to working with you!


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