Hardwood Flooring on Stairs

Hardwood Flooring on Stairs

Many Reno home owners are replacing their carpeted stairs with hardwood stairs. This is a great idea both because hardwood looks elegant and because it is easy to clean compared to carpet. Installing hardwood on stairs requires skill and patience, and many home owners prefer to hire professionals to do the job for them. Read on to learn about what you can expect during our hardwood flooring on stairs installation process.

Carpet Removal

Before the hardwood is laid on the stairs, the carpet or the old flooring needs to be removed. Carpet is one of the most common types of flooring for stairs and Truckee Meadows Hardwood Flooring Company is an expert at removing it. After the carpet is gone, we get to work.

Hardwood Flooring Prep

We make sure that the steps are properly cleaned to keep the floor from creaking. Next, we ensure every step is level and sand them to perfection. Then comes the installation. Installing hardwood on stairs requires very precise cutting of hardwood boards. We make sure that the boards are cut to the exact sizes needed.

Hardwood Flooring Install

After all the precise measuring and fitting our flooring professionals use the best tools and materials to fit your floor boards into place. You will hear a lot of hammering and banging, but know you are in good hands!


The final step in the process is simply to enjoy your beautiful floor. Show it off to guests, clean it with ease and smile knowing you have made a great choice!

Our Team of Flooring Experts Is Ready To Help

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about hardwood flooring on stairs or any of our installation services. For the best in hardwood floor, visit our showroom on Cheney St. or contact us today for a quote. We look forward to working with you!


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