Reno Hardwood Floor Options

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Reno Hardwood Floor Options

We love hardwood flooring. Even just the word evokes thoughts of charm, richness and classic looks. Hardwood floors last a lifetime and can even gain character with age. The only trouble with hardwood floor is how many beautiful hardwood flooring options there is to choose from. Luckily, your friendly local hardwood flooring company can help you choose the best floor to suit your needs!
See all the options below:

Hardwood Floor Board Widths

there are many sizes and shapes to choose from. You can pick from narrow strips (less than three inches), wider planks (more than three inches), parquet squares, and even squares and rectangles. Strips are the more traditional choice and give the illusion of more space, while planks offer a more a rustic look. Parquet floors have a distinctive geometric design and are perfect for formal spaces.

Hardwood Floor Wood Species

Hardwood floor species vary in durability, grain patterns and even color. Oak, maple and cherry are the most common types of flooring due to their hardness. More exotic woods like mahogany and Brazilian cherry are slightly less durable, but are prized for their beauty.

Hardwood Floor Colors

Hardwood floor colors run the gamut from blond to black, depending on species and finish. Reno hardwood flooring experts can help you choose the perfect hardwood floor color for you.

Our Team of Hardwood Flooring Experts Is Ready To Help

Please reach out if you have any questions about our company or flooring installation services. For the best in hardwood floor, visit our showroom on Cheney St. or contact us today for a quote. We look forward to working with you!

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